Android, UI/UX, 2015


Social e-commerce experience

This was the assignment brief that I received. Below is a step by step walk through of how I designed for it.

Ajay is a marketing manager in Sweet Tooth company responsible for sales of donuts for entire south India. He is based out of Mumbai office. Sweet Tooth company has multiple stores located in different parts of Hyderabad. For managing the sales and promotional activity at these stores Ajay has a field team of 5 people based out of Hyderabad. Each sales agent is responsible for 5-10 stores in a specific area. The sales agent helps Ajay being on top of how things are happening in each of the store assigned to them. Also, in case one of the sales agent is sick/vacation their stores are temporarily assigned to other sales agent. Ajay wants to be up-to-date about how things are happening in each of the stores and also want to make sure that field agents are also visiting each of the stores in their area on a regular basis. We would like you to think of a mobile app that can help Ajay manage all on field activities, keep a track of his field agent, and be updated about each store

Meet Ajay

Ajay is a 26 years old management graduate working with Sweet Tooth for the last 6 Months. Sweet Tooth is responsible for sales of donuts for all of South India. He is based out of Mumbai and has to travel quite a bit everyday to reach office. He manages Sales and Promotional activities in Hyderabad and also manages a team 5 field agents.

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Visual Design

After creating a basic mood board, I decided to go with turquoise blue as it associated with meanings of refreshing, energy, tranquility and patience. The app is based on communication and getting work; turquoise blue felt appropriate as it suggests open communication. The icons play a big role, they act as both category indicators and notification status.Adding only a status color to the icons does not work as it creates accessibility concerns. Hence, the icon itslef had to be suggestive of the both the status and the category with an additional emphasis on the status by using color.

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Quick Prototype

Managing multiple things and people can get very tiring and confusing at times. Getting predictive/proactive action items definitely helps in being more productive. Activity feed provides you exactly what you need at this point in time. You can use filters to declutter your notifications and only work on the important ones first. You can also get contextual actions on the same screen with additional required information to choose the right one. And you always have an option to call/message the person. Created a quick prototype to walk you through the above described scenario.

Real Pixels

I've added all the main screens from the prototype to go over them in detail. From the first run experience to all the main tabs and also the contextual actions are shown in the screens below.

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